2013 Kansas City Stampede Wrestling Championships Welcome Letter

KC BannerArticleKansas City Stampede fans,

 The Kansas City Wrestling Association (KCWA) is proud to present the 2013 Kansas City Stampede. The KCWA is an alliance of amateur wrestling supporters formed in early 2005 made up of wrestling clubs and boosters from Kansas City area High Schools. Our mission is to promote amateur wrestling to Kansas City regional student athletes in the pursuit of sportsmanship and competitive excellence. The goal is for the KCWA to support amateur wrestling in middle schools, high schools and colleges in and around the Kansas City metropolitan area.

In support of this mission, the KCWA organized the 2013 Kansas City Stampede, a national caliber high school wrestling tournament held at Hale Arena. The tournament that began in December 2006 is currently in it is 8th year. It has changed names from the KC Classic to the Toshiba KC Classic and now the permanent branded name of the “Kansas City Stampede.” This year’s tournament consists of 40 teams from 12 states, with 17 teams from Missouri and eight from the Kansas City area. The Kansas City Stampede was ranked as the #8 high school tournament by “themat.com.” In 2013, the Stampede is even more of an elite tournament.   This year will see as many as 27 returning All-American wrestlers, along with up to 46 reigning high school individual and 16 team champions and well over 100 returning state medalists.

We very much appreciate all of the teams and fans that make the trip to Kansas City and the Hale arena. We also truly appreciate the sponsors that support wrestling and events like this one.

We also appreciate the referees. We feel that the referees that we field from six different states bring the highest level of expertise and refereeing skill that is available at any high school tournament in the country. Many of our referees work multiple levels of college events including the NCAA National Championships. It is a pleasure to welcome these gentlemen and have them officiate the Kansas City Stampede.

We hope you enjoy your stay in Kansas City and enjoy the Kansas City Stampede experience.


Carey Rolofson, President KCWA